These are prices that consumers often have in mind. What does the liter of gas cost and what do I pay for a chocolate bar, comparatively a scoop of ice cream? Find out how this information should fundamentally change your investment behavior.

Talking about money: What lessons from everyday life could teach us. Photo:

Talking about money: What lessons from everyday life could teach us.


For your money, it’s the burden of the 20th and 21st centuries: inflation. In the past, when money consisted mostly (more…)

American scientists have replaced the optical perception of robots by scanning RFID tags. This development could also facilitate the communication of drone swarms.

A test run at the MIT: The bottle and lid are provided with RFID tags and can thus be localized by the robots - with every movement.Photo: MIT

A test run at the MIT: The bottle and lid are provided with RFID tags and can thus be located by the robots – with every movement.

Photo: MIT

In some situations a robot has a similar problem as humans. If, for example, he has to recognize objects for complex tasks, his visual perception – (more…)

US scientists have developed a ceramic airgel that is extremely light, durable and heat resistant. It could be used, for example, for the insulating tiles of spacecraft.

Sample of the new airgel

99% of the ceramic airgel consists of air. It is very flexible and heat resistant.

Photo: Oszie Tarula / UCLA

When a Space Shuttle enters the Earth’s atmosphere from a space flight, extreme heat develops on the outer shell. Super insulators serve as a barrier in such situations to protect (more…)

A recent study points to the underestimated potential of e-fuels. Renewable energy could be used to extract synthetic fuels. Does this make the overall balance even better than with purely electric vehicles?

Synthetic fuels are illustrated by a car fueled by a green charging station on which Green Energy stands


The electrification of the drive is already in full swing, so you can hear it again and again. But has the development taken the right path? “Generally speaking, this is very much discussed in terms of engineering – and the (more…)

The series production of e.Go Life has just started, as the Aachen start-up presents new products : the e.Go Lux shuttle and the e.Go Life Concept Sport with a sports suspension.

Presentation of the e.GO Life Concept Sport

The e.GO Life Concept Sport is a variant of e.GO Life, which will be delivered soon.

Photo: e.GO Mobile AG

e.GO Mobile AG has started with a high standard: It wants to develop and produce affordable electric cars with which it can succeed in giving the subject of e-mobility (more…)

At Toyota’s International Tradeshow for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management, Toyota is presenting electric trucks with integrated telematics.

Forklift truck icon image in a warehouse

A stacker truck in a warehouse. (Icon)


For the 17th time, international companies will have the chance to present their latest logistics products and services at Logimat. Under the motto “Intralogistics first-hand: Intelligent – Efficient – Innovative”, the trade fair (more…)

The quality of sleep is important to health, but couples often interfere with each other’s movements. Ford has found a solution to that: the Lane Keeping Bed.

Lane Keeping Bed Image

The Lane Keeping Bed looks cozy – and a conveyor belt keeps everyone on their toes Page sleeps.

Photo: Ford

Monday morning, many people feel lazy. Scientists call this phenomenon “social jet lag” – who meets on Saturday with friends and therefore sleeps longer on Sunday, mixes his rhythm. Fortunately, (more…)

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Savers have a hard time. The low-interest phase now lasts for ten years. The German investor’s favorite child, the savings account, is a money-making instrument, his interest rates are well below inflation. For two years now, inflation has risen just below (more…)

Fraunhofer IESE has developed software that will help companies make the transition to Industry 4.0. At the heart of this is the principle of digital twins. They could provide more flexibility.

Illustration of the digital twin

On the left you can see a real industrial robot. The right-hand side symbolizes the digital twin.

Photo: iStock / Fraunhofer IESE

Digitization poses major challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises in particular. It is not for nothing that it is referred (more…)

The tunneling project of superlatives was originally scheduled to start at the beginning of 2019. Due to the necessary cost savings and the departure of the shipping company Hurtigruten, it is likely that the project will now be scaled down. The planned start of construction will also be postponed to 2022.

Norway's tunnel construction project for ocean-going vessels is delayed

Even the largest cruise liners of the Hurtigruten line will be able to sail the new ship tunnel in Norway. The city’s skipunnel will be the largest ship tunnel in (more…)