The introduction of the euro, EU enlargement and the Asian financial crisis are the most important parameters for the economic development of Germany, as Hans-J.

The further European integration progresses and the more open the markets around the world become, the more Germany becomes a region in Europe and the world. On the one hand, the competitive pressure increases, on the other hand, the sales potential offered to companies beyond national borders increases. At the (more…)

On Monday next week in Bonn should decide how it is ordered to the telephone competition in the local network.

Then wants the regulatory authority speak a “power word” in the currently politically competitive telecommunications market.
The German telecommunications industry is looking forward to Bonn in these days. Finally, the regulatory authority makes decisive decisions for the future market. So on November 30, the price for the so-called subscriber connection (more…)

The annual computer show in Las Vegas. But the Asian crisis had an effect: large exhibitors were missing, and the number of visitors was noticeably weaker than in previous years.

Once a year, the computer world plunges into the desert. Then the glittering metropolis of Las Vegas is transformed from the center of gambling and in the austere America of rather unusual amusements to the center of the high-tech world. In short, it’s Comdex. The Computer Show – every show is (more…)

An internal dossier known just before Comdex reveals that Microsoft is taking the threat of Linux as an open platform much more seriously than previously admitted.

The recent renaming of the announced network operating system NT 5.0 in “Windows 2000” has already closed to certain difficulties with the timely completion and positioning of the new flagship from Richmond. The internal memorandum, which has now come to the public’s attention, shows that the American software (more…)

Solar thermal energy as an alternative to fossil fuels is on the way up. But solar heat is not yet competitive. However, large-scale plants could soon be operated economically.

Manfred Kasper of the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development, Environmental Protection and Technology is quite certain: “In two, but at the latest for three generations, the solar city is no longer a vision , It will then be a reality. “
Unbelievers at the 1st Berlin Forum Solarpraxis (more…)

The demand for more competition on rail occupies industry and the transport industry, especially Deutsche Bahn, but also the European institutions. More than 200 well-known experts gathered in Bonn for a joint panel discussion on November 12.

Since the rail reform in early 1994, the Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) is hoping for more competition and thus more traffic the rail will be brought. Other railways, but also any company that acquires the approval as a railway company should (more…)

Successful network management helps both suppliers and their customers to solve problems in the international production network, as Dr.-Ing. Frank Straube, Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Logistics and Corporate Planning, below.

The progressive globalization of markets and increasing competition is both an opportunity and a challenge for system suppliers in Europe. In the course of product modularization, combined with changed sourcing strategies, far-reaching (more…)

The plastics trade show in Dusseldorf next week will show the way from raw material to a product that is tailored to your needs.

If indeed Mini-U -Boats as scouts and roadside assistance through human bloodstreams will cross? Prof. Wolfgang Ehrfeld of the Institute of Microtechnology Mainz (IMM) is certain: “If you had asked for the most important materials in medical technology 20 to 30 years ago, presumably stainless steel would be for instruments, glass for vessels, (more…)

Architects dream of all-glass designs, but that’s a tricky thing. Up to now, their fracture behavior has not been calculable and can therefore be estimated. French researchers are now introducing a computer program that wants to change that.

As a wall of elevator cars, on escalators or in shelters – glass is finding more and more demanding applications. The glass roof above the laboratory of the copper engraving cabinet in the Louvre, for example, rests on glass supports, (more…)

Orlando (Reuters) – US software company Microsoft does not want to change its business strategy despite the cartel lawsuit against the company, which will start on Monday. The focus will continue to be on software business and the development of new computer programs, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates said Wednesday at a symposium of software managers in Orlando, Florida. This includes the integration of Internet browsers into Microsoft Windows software, the most widely used operating system (more…)