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Savers have a hard time. The low-interest phase now lasts for ten years. The German investor’s favorite child, the savings account, is a money-making instrument, his interest rates are well below inflation. For two years now, inflation has risen just below 2%.

Until recently, this was no problem for shrewd investors. They bet on stocks. The German leading index Dax put on an impressive resurgence tour since the financial crisis of 2008, in which he halved to 4,000 points. On 23 January last year, the index stood at 13,559 points. Since then, it went downhill. Punitive duties, the expected recession, the impending Brexit: The data brought the summiteers back to the base camp. 11,300 points, more is currently not in it (as of 19. 2. 19).

What does that mean for investors? Where do they still get returns, which investment options are suitable for their life planning and maybe they are also a home in there? Questions about questions. Mostly good advice is expensive. But this time he is free. Because in the next few weeks, readers will be able to show their investment opportunities free of charge by an independent asset manager (see link at the end). Here are a few basic tips from the experts:

stocks are still no alternative

The last few months were bad for stockbrokers. but how does it continue? “Even if the pessimism is great, the Dax has another potential of about 10% and could be over 12,000 points at the end of the year,” says Frank Wieser, Managing Director of PMP Vermögensmanagement in Dusseldorf.

In general: ” As an investor, you should be aware of the investment horizon you have prior to investing, what risk profile suits you, and what losses you are willing to make. Based on this, the portfolio should be structured, “explains Constantin Bolz, asset manager of Portfolio Concept Vermögensmanagement GmbH in Cologne.

Higher interest rates are available

Equities frequently also offer” interest rates “. “The average dividend yield of Dax companies is currently at 3.25% at 27 times the yield on a 10-year government bond and well above the inflation rate,” emphasizes Rainer Laborenz, Managing Director of Azemos Vermögensmanagement GmbH from Offenburg. Usually, only a small part of the company’s profits are distributed to the shareholders. The remaining profits remain in the company, strengthen the substance and is a reason why equities continued to rise in the long run. Laborenz ‘Rat is therefore: “Anyone who does not misunderstand price fluctuation as a risk and has a sufficiently long investment horizon should definitely invest according to the principle of value-oriented investing in equities.”

One basic rule of investing is to spread widely and so to reduce the risk. So interest should not just be made with stocks. Uwe Eilers, managing director of FV Frankfurter Vermögen GmbH in Koenigstein, therefore has another suggestion: “A mixture of Euro-denominated corporate bonds, emerging market bonds and US bonds in US dollars can reduce the portfolio’s fluctuation margin on the one hand but at the same time deliver a return contribution. “