e.Go Mobile introduces sports version of e.Go Life and an electric shuttle

The series production of e.Go Life has just started, as the Aachen start-up presents new products : the e.Go Lux shuttle and the e.Go Life Concept Sport with a sports suspension.

Presentation of the e.GO Life Concept Sport

The e.GO Life Concept Sport is a variant of e.GO Life, which will be delivered soon.

Photo: e.GO Mobile AG

e.GO Mobile AG has started with a high standard: It wants to develop and produce affordable electric cars with which it can succeed in giving the subject of e-mobility a permanent place in the automotive market. The first model, the e.Go Life, is currently being produced. Over the next few months, customers will receive their pre-ordered vehicles. In the meantime, the developers have continued to work hard and introduce the new models at the Geneva International Motor Show in March.

The e.Go Life Concept Sport is designed to provide more performance for sporty drivers

Günther Schuh, Managing Director of e.Go Mobile AG, does not yet reveal much about the new car: “The e.Go Life Concept Sport stands for the fun factor of dynamic electric driving,” he says. And that the electric car defines itself as a product of dynamic movement and progressive performance. Details about the technical equipment are not yet known, let alone the planned delivery date. Only one image has been released by the start-up, and the look is familiar. Because the e.Go Life Concept Sport is a sport version of the e.Go Life, which should be delivered to the first customers shortly after production delays.

The delivery start of the e.Go Life will follow Excitement is expected, because engineers at RWTH Aachen University are behind this development. In a spin-off, they implemented their idea of ​​offering an affordable electric car. The e.Go Life will be in the simplest version namely from just 16,000 euros. This is the cheapest electric small car currently on the market in Germany.

The four-seater is produced in Aachen. As an electric range in real city operation, the manufacturer specifies for the smallest battery variant (14.9 kWh) 104 kilometers. The maximum possible is 158 kilometers (with 23.9 kWh battery). The speed is, of course, also dependent on the selected engine power, at a maximum of 114 or 135 kilometers per hour. How these data look at the e.Go Life Concept Sport remains to be seen. In principle, it is possible to recharge any normal household socket, even if the charging time at an e-charging station or a corresponding wallbox is of course shortened.

The e.Go Lux shuttle can be used as a mobile conference room

The second new model is an electric bus. The e.Go Lux is not intended as a public transport, but for private trips and suitable for example for the fleet of companies. The buyer can have it equipped according to their individual needs, for example as a mobile conference room or as a mobile living room.

The e.Go Lux is based on the e.Go Mover. This all-electric minibus is designed for 15 people, but with a footprint that, according to the manufacturer is comparable to that of a large sedan, so tuned to the tight city traffic. The e.Go Mover will be mass-produced in the Aachen factory from 2020 onwards. The company has not yet officially launched the e.Go Lux.

Electromobility at the International Motor Show in Geneva

The e.Go Mobile company is obviously not the only manufacturer , who will travel to Geneva on the subject of electromobility at the International Motor Show. Even the established manufacturers have something new in their luggage, as these examples show: Skoda presents the concept study Skoda Vision iV, which shows what the next steps of the Czech manufacturer towards electric mobility should look like. Citröen introduces Ami One Concept, an electric two-seater for city traffic. Peugeot even changes its claim to “Motion & e-Motion”. By 2025, all models are to be available as electrical variants. Volkswagen shows a fully electric version of a new buggy, based on the US beach buggies. Audi has announced that it intends to present the smallest electric car in Geneva so far.