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In the future, vehicles will think and steer autonomously: How far is the technical development of commercial vehicles, what are the technical and legal hurdles and what role does it play? Factor artificial intelligence?


Photo: Mean SHadows / Unsplash

The international VDI conference Autonomous Trucks on 27th and 27th gives a comprehensive look at the state of the art March 28, 2019 in Munich. Two experts of the event venture in advance a look into the future. (more…)

A company has emerged from a practical problem at the TU Darmstadt: The spin-off Green Mobility Solutions UG sells electronic parking bollards.

They are installed quickly and look simple. But the technology has it all: These parking brackets can be lowered by smartphone.Photo: KOM - Multimedia Communication Lab

They are installed quickly and look simple. But the technology has it all: these parking stanchions can be lowered by smartphone.

Photo: KOM – Multimedia Communication Lab

The annoyance with which the employees of the Technische Universität Darmstadt until recently Knocked around, is well known in many institutions (more…)

Elon Musk and the Boring Company recently unveiled a tunnel for electric cars on rails. This is to move the volume of traffic under the earth and pave the way for the Hyperloop technology.

Brightly lit tunnel with rails

The loop test track, which The Boring Comany recently opened, is Not to be confused with a Hyperloop track.

Photo: The Boring Company

Elon Musk opens the 1.8-kilometer test track, developed by his own company, the Boring Company Tunnels, which is located below the (more…)

Software updates, retrofits, driving bans – since the beginning of the diesel scandal, the news is rolling over. But who is actually affected by driving bans and what are the cities and politics doing to avoid them?

Transit-forbidden sign in front of cloudy sky

Forbidden transit, that could mean it in the future more and more frequently for older diesel vehicles, but also for gasoline.


The questions:

  • Which vehicles are affected? (more…)
  • Germany’s first solar cycle path is in operation. The paved with solar cells track in Erftstadt can now be tested by anyone. It remains unclear whether the technology will prevail.

    View of the bicycle handlebar on the solar road

    Riding a bicycle on solar modules? The test track in Erftstadt should show how well this works.

    Photo: Solmove

    Solar modules in the morning light

    The Solarweg in Erftstadt consists of 150 dark blue solar modules.

    Photo: Solmove

    Solar tiles instead of potholes and tree roots. The new (more…)

    Monorail will be used to revive public transport in rural areas. The vision comes from Germany and is due to be tested in NRW for the first time in 2022.

    Drawing of monocabs on an old railway track

    The design of the monorail is by engineer Thorsten Försterling.

    Photo: Germany – Land of Ideas

    Mobility is a topic of the future. Not only is society getting older in Germany, there are also more and more cars in too little space, not to mention the air quality in some areas. That’s why we need new (more…)

    The Cyclotron Bike was a big hit on crowdfunding platforms in 2016, but today it’s still not at the mercy. Supporters are starting to worry. We looked at the facts.

    Cyclotron Bike in the dark with red laser stripes to the right and left around the rear wheel

    Do not come too close: The red laser markings on the left and

    Photo: Cyclotron Cycles

    The bicycle basket was in the middle of the rear wheel, there were no spokes, but lasers. In 2016, we introduced a bike under the name Cyclotron that looked futuristic and focused on the safety of the owners. (more…)

    Where diesel clouds have soared into the air, steam now escapes from the exhaust of the world’s first hydrogen-powered train that operates in line mode. The Coradia iLint is used in the Elbe-Weser network. Its range of 1000 kilometers is extraordinary.

    The world's first hydrogen train operates in regular service mode

    Coradia iLint is the world’s first hydrogen train to service scheduled services. By 2021, manufacturer Alstom plans to deliver 14 more trains to the Landesnahverkehrsgesellschaft Niedersachen.

    Photo: Alstom


    Rail transport should be lower in emissions. But since long distances are not electrified, the TU Berlin and Bombardier work on a battery train that can bridge these routes with its own battery.

    Train on route without overhead lines

    Electric trains without overhead lines? Whether this will be economically and technically feasible will be clarified by the BEMU project.

    Photo: Bombardier

    Around 40% of the German rail network has so far relied on the use of diesel locomotives because it is (more…)

    Can you ride a bike at 296 km / h? A threefold mother from the US can. The 45-year-old was first pulled by a dragster to 160 km / h in the Salt Desert and then accelerated to 296 km / h.

    The fastest man on the bike reaches 296 km / h

    Salt Lake City Salt Lake City world record: Denise Mueller-Korenek was towed up to 160 km / h on the dragster’s tow. Then she clicked out and increased her speed to 296 km / h.

    Photo: Matt Benstone / Speed ​​Project

    The fastest man on a bike reaches 296 km / h

    The record bike is a modified KHS bike. It is (more…)