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Shipping is a dirty industry because most ships operate on heavy fuel oil and no exhaust gas, polluting the air and water. The largest ports in Europe now rely on electric inland waterway vessels. An important step towards more environmentally friendly ships.


Photo: Port-Liner

More than 100 million euros have cost the development, now operate in the Netherlands the first two electric barges from Port-Liner. With electricity alone, they deliver goods from the (more…)

Airbus wants to propel its large cargo ships on the high seas in the future with the help of huge stunt kites. A daughter of the European aircraft manufacturer has developed a wind propulsion for cargo ships. The kites are said to reduce fuel consumption on routes to the US and China by 20 percent. This would allow shipowners to reduce the enormous air pollution caused by burning heavy fuel oil.

The stunt kites developed by Airbus' subsidiary Airseas are said to save about 20 percent of fuel. Airbus now wants to use the kites on its own cargo ships, which transport aircraft parts around the world.

The stunt kites developed by Airbus’ subsidiary Airseas are said to save (more…)

Cruise ships are polluters – and there are only a few exceptions to this rule at the moment. One of the ships with an exemplary character has just left the German Meyer shipyard in Papenburg.

The Aida Nova at sea.

The Aida Nova at sea.

Photo: AIDA Cruises

But while the passengers are on deck, environmental activists clap their hands over their heads. Because cruise ships are still driving almost exclusively with toxic heavy oil, they are considered the polluter first quality. (more…)

The Volvo subsidiary Penta has presented a docking system for ships designed to enable autonomous parking in the port. In a couple of years, accidents in the port could be a thing of the past.

Autonomous docking between two yachts: Volvo demonstrated the parking system in the port of Gothenburg.

Autonomous docking between two yachts: In the harbor From Gothenburg, Volvo demonstrated the parking system.

Photo: Volvo

The Captain takes his hands off the wheel, maneuvering the 20-meter-long yacht as if by magic. Slowly but surely the boat slides into a gap (more…)

Fans of the car manufacturer Aston Martin can now remain true to the British luxury brand under water: Aston Martin will also build a submarine in the future. And the luxury boat also looks like Aston Martin.

This is the Aston Martin for the underwater journey

What a submarine looks like when the Aston Martin designers say goodbye: Neptune is due to arrive this year Small series go. Unit price: four million euros.

Photo: Aston Martin

This is the Aston Martin for the underwater journey

The Neptune submarine is particularly hydrodynamic and therefore (more…)

Floating water taxis are no longer science fiction. The so-called Sea Bubbles French inventors have completed their first test drives over Lake Geneva. The hopes of the developers: In 2024, the speedsters could be used worldwide in traffic of cities located on the water.

Water taxis hover over Lake Geneva - and soon over the Elbe and Rhine?

Test drive across Lake Geneva: Sea Bubbles electric boats are also to be used as a means of transport in cities located on the water.

Photo: Francis Demange / SeaBubbles

Water taxis hover over Geneva See - and soon over the Elbe and Rhine?

Sea Bubble (more…)

The manageable Stralsund is just beginning to build a gigantic ship. The world’s largest luxury yacht to cross into the tropics and the polar regions is a showcase project for the traditional shipyard and a good signal for the whole region.

Animation of the Crystal Endeavor, which set sail in 2020

Animation of the Crystal Endeavor, which should set sail in 2020.

Photo: MV Werften

The former Volkswerft MW shipyards in Stralsund looks back on a 70-year shipbuilding tradition back and start with a special project (more…)

Will people live in floating cities on the high seas? There are some architects who have already painted such settlements. But now French Polynesia wants to seriously consider the construction of a floating city. A first test settlement could set sail in three years.

Sea Settlement

In a first step, the Seasteading Institute in California wants to build a small settlement in French Polynesia by 2020 build in the middle of the Pacific.

Photo: Seasteading Institute

City on the Sea (more…)

For many people, the great dream of mankind is the journey into the infinite stars. While an outing into space remains (for most of us) an eternal dream, a little jaunt into our oceans is much closer.


Project “Neptune” is a collaboration between Aston Martin and Triton Submarines LLC originated.

Photo: Triton Submarines LLC

Of course every dive takes you into the depths of an undiscovered world. But to explore this environment full of mysteries, (more…)

The year is 2067. The submarine Nautilus 100 cruises with its 20-man crew up to 1000 meters Depth unrecognized in the sea to protect Britain from sea attacks. Nautilus 100 is lightweight but withstands extreme water pressure and carries autonomous weapons. The Royal Navy dreams of submarines that look like a ray

The mothership Nautilus 100 looks like a manta ray with the mouth of a whale shark. It serves as command and control center, transports weapons, collects data and (more…)