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Technological toys have long been geared not only to humans, but also to their beloved four-legged friends. Whether the electronic feeding bowl for the cat or the fitness trainer for the dog – we present the most outrageous technical novelties for your pet.

Woman and dog while jogging. Dog wearing a gauge on the neck

Does my dog ​​move enough, does the cat eat too much? Any questions that can be answered even better with the help of smart devices.

Photo: Tractive GmbH

Smart home with all its digital and chip-driven (more…)

The festival of love is upon us and you do not have a gift for your dearest engineer, your dearest engineer or the technology-loving offspring? We present you 20 technology gadgets under 250 euros.

packed gifts are stacked

Enjoy your gift!


Three models of the hybrid watch Zeckime from Mykronoz

ZeTime from Mykronoz is a hybrid of classic watch and smartwatch. It has mechanical hands and the design of a classic watch. However, the display is touch-sensitive and has all the features of a standard (more…)

Korea’s startup Safeware is launching its portable air bag at CES 2019, targeting workers in danger areas, motorcyclists and riders. Compatible with the Internet of Things (IoT), this 1 kilogram lightweight wearable is designed to be life-saving equipment.

Three people wearing safety vests and construction helmets bend over a blueprint

Safeware’s safety vest should not only be glaring, but also cushion falls.


Airbag suit for dangerous situations

Photo: Safeware

The Internet Things are made up of a growing number (more…)

Flip phones were yesterday. Or is a generation of folding phablets in the starting blocks that could be used as a smartphone and tablet?

The FlexPai folded up like a smartphone and unfolded like a tablet

The FlexPai is more of a Prototype because a finished product. But it shows what could be possible soon.

Photo: Royole

Directly to the update: Samsung presents prototype with Infinity Flex Display

The flip phone now appears as if it originated a completely different era, but in fact could Samsung, LG or currently (more…)

Bikes that can easily turn from asphalt wheel to snow model? The tire system ReTyre should do just that – with a zipper. But what can one hope for from the system?

Tire with the outermost profile removed

ReTyre is a zipper system that can be used to replace tire treads in seconds.

Photo: Technium AS

Man on bike on asphalt, on leaves and on snow

Depending on the surface, the right skin variant on the tire – that’s the idea behind ReTyre.

Photo: Technium AS

Two Tires of the ReTyre System

The basic tires are designed for everyday use on the (more…)

More and more electronic bicycle locks are coming onto the market. But are the smart locks really safer than conventional safety systems for bicycles?

Green rental bike stands behind a young woman holding her smartphone in the camera.

The technology becomes smart over rental bicycles Locks is currently being mass-marketed.


The factory, the housekeeping, the television – everything around us is getting smarter. The fact that the safety of bicycles is also the focus of the developers is only logical. (more…)

With Perfectly keyless Bosch brings the car key as an app on the smartphone. It is suitable for forwarders, for example, who want to deploy their trucks more flexibly – thus eliminating the need for analogue keys.

How App to Truck Works

Bosch puts a stop to key search for fleet managers View. And this is how it works …

Photo: Bosch

Functional description

The lock opens when the digital key approaches the right vehicle .

Photo: Bosch

Functional description

The digital key always only fits (more…)

Wearables are a big seller and manufacturers are gearing up. With additional functions, longer battery life and a new design, they present their products in their own exhibition space at the trade fair.

Fitbit Charge 3 Models

IFA innovations: With the Fitbit Charge 3 fitness tracker you even pay cashless.

Photo: Fitbit Inc.

4 Fitbit Charge 3 watches as product image

The Fitbit Charge 3 is available in different colors as usual .

Photo: Fitbit Inc.

Three Garmin Fenix ​​5 Plus Sports Watches

Garmin’s “Fenix ​​5 Plus” series can also (more…)

Speedometers, GPS, camera – these smart bike glasses can do it all. It is the smartwatch for cyclists. And she’s just coming to the European market. We introduce them.

Cyclists on Mountain Road

The cyclist’s eyeglasses may not catch your eye first, but she’s an eye-catcher.

Photo: Everysight

A black and green Raptor model

This is the Everysight Raptor.

Photo: Everysight

Speed in the head-up display of the glasses

The glasses indicate the speed to the cyclist.

Photo: Everysight

red photo frame in the head-up display of the Goggles

The goggles also display (more…)

More memory, more display, a cheaper iPhone, and the end for a loyal companion. That was the Apple Keynote last night. We’ve summarized all the details for you.

iPhone Xs

The iPhone Xs models come with no home button

Photo: Apple

iPhone Xr in red

More colorful and cheaper is the new iPhone Xr.

Photo: Apple

iPhone Watch Series 4

A new feature of the iPhone Watch Series 4 is the ECG measurement.

Photo: Apple

Apple HomePod in black

With the new Apple HomePod you can now call. (more…)