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Lush screens, higher image quality with “8k” and “HDR”, flexible displays to curl up – in the TV market A few years.

8k canvas shows a pin-sharp image of a bee sitting on a honeycomb.

With the 8k image quality, you can even recognize every single hair of a bee.

Photo: Samsung

Who does not remember the good old tube: televisions with screen diagonals of a maximum of 32 inches, the equivalent of 82 centimeters, and stately 60 kilograms of weight? Until about 20 years ago they were found in German living rooms. Today, (more…)

AI-based GDP growth is trillions of euros worldwide. Germany is best positioned in Europe, says the consulting firm PwC. China is far ahead of the rest of the world.

Artificial Intelligence Provides Growth Spurt

Artificial Intelligence Provides Growth Spurt

Photo: PWC

Using artificial intelligence (AI) is for businesses Essential for survival, say the experts of the consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), which is also represented in Düsseldorf. Many leave that cold. However, they risked (more…)

Developers warn of a vulnerability in the iOS mobile operating system of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Manipulated shortcuts for the Apple shortcut app could access system files that should be protected by the iOS sandbox after downloading.

You can see a black iPhone from

A security hole in Apple Sandbox access control allows access to protected files on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


The manipulated shortcuts can break out of Apple’s sandbox and access (more…)

Smart robots need to be able to make smart choices. Scientists at the TU Darmstadt want to teach them to answer moral questions correctly.

Can Artificial Intelligence Make Real Decisions Based on Morality and Not on Facts? Researchers at the TU Darmstadt want to teach it to the AI. Photo: / kentoh

Can Artificial Intelligence Make Real Decisions That Are Moral And Not Facts? Researchers at TU Darmstadt want to teach the AI.

Photo: / kentoh

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise. Already now it is used in many areas. For example, KI translates texts on the Internet in a few seconds, industrial (more…)

The simple combination of numbers “123456” is the key used by internet users worldwide to secure their data. This is a disturbing news that does not bode well for Internet security.

Web page input screen. Text: Password

The protection of many data in the network is endangered, because users do not take the choice of their password seriously.


On the first Look it is a unspectacular message that has now spread the US security company SplashData from the town (more…)

Despite scandals, hackers and malware headlines, Germans love the weak password. Whether the number combination “123456” or “fuck”, the most popular passwords are a disaster in terms of security. A report to despair.

Laptop with safe lock in front of the screen

The safest key for your own laptop, smartphone or tablet is still a useful password.


For years, the semi-ingenious password “123456” has topped the hit parade of the world’s most popular passwords. The (more…)

New technologies such as the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and autonomous driving also pose new challenges for IT security. What risks companies and private users should have on screen in 2019, read here.

symbolizes networking light blue on dark blue


The omnipresent or at least planned networking of everything and everyone, the Internet of Things (IoT ), Industry 4.0 and autonomous driving present not only new opportunities but also numerous risks to IT security. They (more…)

A modulator developed by researchers at ETH Zurich transforms data transmitted by millimeter waves directly into light pulses for optical fibers. This is done at your own home, for example by the modulator is mounted on the roof. The “last mile” to home Internet connection can be so much faster and cheaper.

Graphic to the principle of operation of the new modulator.

The last mile to the home Internet connection is complex and costly. The newly developed modulator is a cost-effective alternative for fast internet. It converts (more…)

2018 is the year of mobile payment: Google, Sparkasse and the Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken have been providing their customers with contactless payment technology for a few months now. Other financial institutions want to follow suit this year or next. Who can use the mobile payment and which application areas can still be covered with the technology?

Men's hands hold NFC reader and smartphone

Mobile payment is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany.

Photo: (more…)

In the ThoR project, researchers and industrial partners are developing possibilities for data transmission in a high frequency range. Up to 100 gigabits per second are to be achieved.

directional antenna

With a directional radio antenna, it should be possible to transmit enormous amounts of data in the high frequency range.

Photo: ILH , Universität Stuttgart

Traffic continues to rise and the next mobile standard – 5G – is nearing completion. Experts predict that it will (more…)