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Testing maximum and minimum rates for engineers and architects: why February 28 is an important day for HOAI.



Due to the fee structure for architects and engineers (HOAI), an infringement procedure is currently under way EU Commission against the FRG. The main issue is the binding maximum and minimum rates. Thomas Senff, who heads the building law practice group of the law firm GvW Graf von Westphalen, explains the background to (more…)

These are prices that consumers often have in mind. What does the liter of gas cost and what do I pay for a chocolate bar, comparatively a scoop of ice cream? Find out how this information should fundamentally change your investment behavior.

Talking about money: What lessons from everyday life could teach us. Photo:

Talking about money: What lessons from everyday life could teach us.


For your money, it’s the burden of the 20th and 21st centuries: inflation. In the past, when money consisted mostly (more…)

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Savers have a hard time. The low-interest phase now lasts for ten years. The German investor’s favorite child, the savings account, is a money-making instrument, his interest rates are well below inflation. For two years now, inflation has risen just below (more…)

The principle of platform economics has changed the economy in recent years. Silicon Valley tech companies are operating globally and establishing themselves as quasi-monopolists. On the stock market, their shares are considered expensive. Is it still worthwhile for investors to invest in these companies?

Ascending graph and a winners podium symbolize gains on the stock market


Megalomania has a home: the Silicon Valley. Anyone who founds a company there tends to seek nothing less than the overall control (more…)

Most engineers and computer scientists dare to take the step into self-employment because they want to be independent and, if necessary, because they want to earn more money. But they have to keep an eye on the finances because costs for self-employment are incurred.

Self-employment costs illustrated by the lettering Founding a business on a puzzle of money


Content of this article:

  • Costs of start-up and office life
  • Insurance and provision for the self-employed
  • Finance: (more…)
  • What funding programs are there for engineers and computer scientists? Who can be supported? And what financing options are available for self-employment? Find out at

    The lettering


    Contents of this article:

    • No financial support, but worth a lot: start-up advice
    • Financial support from the state and the EU
    • Loans – what is possible?
    • Private Sponsorship


    Shares have almost always earned money over a period of several years. However, barely a year goes by without investors looking into the abyss – and unfortunately many sell at an unfavorable time. For psychological self-protection, it is therefore worthwhile to curb the fluctuations a little.



    The beauty of the stock market is that there are classes available almost every day of the week which can be traded. The disadvantage (more…)

    Daring gamblers have rarely become rich on the stock market. Anyone who acts prudently when investing and following a few simple rules can build up long-term wealth while at the same time providing their own good sleep.

    To invest money safely. There are better investment forms than the piggy bank. Photo:

    To invest money safely. There are better investment forms than the piggy bank.


    As children, we liked to run over a frozen pond in the neighborhood in winter. It happened the way it had to. The ice (more…)

    On hot trading days, individual stocks can easily go up and down 15% and more. At the same time, there is little change in the company itself – how can these strong fluctuations be explained?

    Fluctuating graphs against a red background

    How are corporate success and stock market losses related?


    One important reason for the strong fluctuations is that shareholders can claim an almost infinite right to corporate profits. For some companies, such as Siemens, (more…)

    Equities are the most profitable asset class in the long term. “Long-term” means that investors must be able to withstand temporary periods of weakness on the capital markets. Anyone who acts emotionally and acts at the wrong time runs the risk of being left empty-handed.

    If you stay long on your shares, you can really make ashes. But you need sitting meat for that.

    Those who stay long on their shares can really make ashes. But you need sitting meat for that.


    Buy stocks, take sleeping pills and stop looking (more…)