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Researchers at the Technische Universität München (TUM) are using a new process to search for organic compounds that could, among other things, replace silicon in electronic components.

Algorithms can be used to calculate the probable conductivity. Both the carbon skeleton of the molecules and the functional groups can influence the conductivity.Photo: C. Kunkel / TUM

Algorithms can be used to calculate the probable conductivity. Both the carbon skeleton of the molecules and the functional groups can influence the conductivity.

Photo: C. Kunkel / TUM

Classic solar cells are made of silicon. The material has proven itself, but is not (more…)

A research group at the Vienna University of Technology has developed a method to reverse the concept of the laser. The scientists made a light sensor from a light source.

Experimental setup of the anti-laser

Experimental setup of the anti-laser at random: Inside a waveguide there are randomly positioned Teflon Cylinder.

Photo: TU Wien

If he gets energy, he creates light. And that in a certain, well-defined color. Its rays are electromagnetic waves. This is how a laser works. This principle (more…)

Conductive organic molecules enhance the properties of gold and silver electrodes. This report researchers from Marburg. They show that their systems work well under everyday conditions.

Gold Electrode

Gold Electrode (uncoated on the left, steamed with a monomolecular layer of phthalocyanine on the right) .Chart: Felix Widdascheck

Organic molecules enable the Precise control of the properties of inorganic electrodes. Depending on the substance used, the energy barrier of electrons (more…)

At CES 2019, the technology company Continental introduced an approach to delivering goods that manages without people. Transport teams of driverless shuttles and delivery robots bring goods directly to the consumer.

You can see an autonomous experimental shuttle from Continental.

Continental wants to combine driverless vehicles with delivery robots to transport parcels to the consumer.

Photo: Continental

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019, held January 8-11, 2019 in Las Vegas, Continental introduced a delivery (more…)

Audi is presenting a virtual reality platform at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, turning the car into a rolling reality Should transform amusement park. At least for the passengers. Because in the future, passengers should be able to experience entertainment media in sync with the real route.

Audi E-tron on a test track in the Nevada desert

At the CES in Las Vegas, Audi is presenting its VR Ideas for riders.

Photo: Audi AG

The universe, foreign countries and fictive worlds should make (more…)

A mere 8 grams of lightweight VR glove gives users a realistic feel for objects. It hardly consumes power because it slows the movements passively instead of actively moving.

The photo shows a VR glove standing on the floor.

At the moment, DextrES still needs thin cables for the power supply. In future, however, the VR glove will be powered by batteries to further increase the range of motion.

Photo: ETH Zurich

In Virtual Reality (VR), computers create an artificial, interactive environment in real (more…)

In the UK, the world’s largest high-performance neuromorphic computer has started operations. In the future, “SpiNNaker”, the acronym, should improve the understanding of neural structures. This benefits medicine and computer technology.

The photo shows the supercomputer

The supercomputer “SpiNNaker” can simulate more neurons in real time than any supercomputer built so far.

Photo: The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester’s School of Computer Science has launched the (more…)

Augmented Reality display systems, which use augmented reality head-up displays, consume a lot of space in the car cockpit. Continental has now introduced a new space-saving system without mirrors, but with waveguides.

Looking through the windshield of a car. There are additional virtual overlays on the widget screen.

Augmented reality head-up displays are on the rise, but have so far taken up too much space. Contintental relies on waveguide technology instead of mirror technology to save space.

Photo: Continental

Head-up displays (HUDs) have been (more…)

Should one flirt with cars now? At least pedestrians and cyclists should be able to make eye contact with cars in the future, to be sure that an autonomously driving car has seen them. To do this, Jaguar Land Rover has developed eye-like displays. On these, pedestrians and cyclists can see if the car stops and they can safely cross the road.

You can go: between pedestrians and autonomous cars Jaguar Land Rover wants to make eye contacts, which should build trust .

You can go: Between pedestrians and autonomous cars, Jaguar Land Rover wants to make eye contacts that build trust.

Photo: (more…)

Has your co-driver’s musical taste ever made you desperate, or did you have to let your kids’ music be heard for hours on end? Stop it. Engineers at Kia Motors have the solution – individual sound zones, without any headphones.

Three Kia employees sitting in a car and listening

Ideally, the passengers should not hear the front, which is the rear is played. That’s what the engineers from Kia Motors are working on.

Photo: Kia Motors

The tone makes the (good) music: In the car scenes are often played that (more…)