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A recent study points to the underestimated potential of e-fuels. Renewable energy could be used to extract synthetic fuels. Does this make the overall balance even better than with purely electric vehicles?

Synthetic fuels are illustrated by a car fueled by a green charging station on which Green Energy stands


The electrification of the drive is already in full swing, so you can hear it again and again. But has the development taken the right path? “Generally speaking, this is very much discussed in terms of engineering – and the (more…)

The series production of e.Go Life has just started, as the Aachen start-up presents new products : the e.Go Lux shuttle and the e.Go Life Concept Sport with a sports suspension.

Presentation of the e.GO Life Concept Sport

The e.GO Life Concept Sport is a variant of e.GO Life, which will be delivered soon.

Photo: e.GO Mobile AG

e.GO Mobile AG has started with a high standard: It wants to develop and produce affordable electric cars with which it can succeed in giving the subject of e-mobility (more…)

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is developing a new charging method for e-bikes together with the e-bike manufacturer Coboc. This should allow the battery to be ready for use in less time.

Illustration of an e-bike

Battery charging times are also important for e-bikes. A fast-charging system could increase usage.

Photo: Keport /

Most e-bike riders are on shorter trips. In city traffic, you can get along well with the short range. This provides a (more…)

In Geneva (Switzerland) the Geneva Motor Show will reopen its doors from 07.03.2019. It is not only the benchmark for the current development in the automotive industry, but also a place of pilgrimage for enthusiasts and interested parties from all over the world.

Volkswagen ID. BUGGY in green

Volkswagen ID. BUGGY.

Photo: Volkswagen AG

Automotive innovations at the Geneva Motor Show 2019

Volkswagen ID. BUGGY

Photo: Copyright: Volkswagen AG

Electrical News from the Automotive Industry at the Geneva Motor Show 2019

The Ami One looks like a cube on wheels.

Photo: Astuce (more…)

There are 1,000 kilometers and more in when the batteries are fully developed. This may take a long time. The service life is far too short.

Electric car stands at a charging station. Symbolic picture for metal-air batteries


While researchers in Germany are primarily working on the use of the magnesium air battery for mobile use, ie as energy storage for Electric cars to get fit, scientists around the world deal with other metal-air solutions. However, they all have three things in common: they have a considerably (more…)

With high-performance chargers, the industry wants to make electric vehicles acceptable. Many customers eventually renounce the purchase because they have range anxieties. Now creates a relatively dense network of charging stations.

Power Bank brings e-cars in 15 minutes 400 additional kilometers

Power Bank for e-cars: with a mobile charging unit wants the VW Group complement the charging infrastructure.

Photo: VW

Powerbank brings e-cars in 15 minutes 400 additional kilometers

Design Concept


Powerbank brings e-cars in 15 minutes 400 additional kilometers

Charging Audi e-tron

Photo: IONITY (more…)

From 2020, a flexible fast charging station developed by Volkswagen will go into mass production. The fast charging system can simultaneously charge up to 4 e-cars on the power bank principle and cache power.

You can see a model of the fast charging system with 2 electric cars.

The new fast charging system from Volkswagen is flexible and uses outdated, but still usable batteries from electric cars .

Photo: Volkswagen

Technically, the fast charging station is based on the battery pack of the modular electrification kit (more…)

Lighter, cheaper and more efficient – this is how researchers at the Fraunhofer ICT describe an electric motor to which they have missed a new cooling concept. The modified heat conduction makes conductive metal superfluous.

This sectional view of the electric motor shows the principle: The core of the motor is a stator consisting of twelve individual teeth, which are wound upright with a flat wire. This creates space for a cooling system.Photo: Fraunhofer ICT

This sectional view of the electric motor shows the principle: The core of the motor is a stator consisting of twelve individual teeth, which are wound upright with a flat wire. This creates space for a cooling system.

Photo: Fraunhofer (more…)

The BMW Isetta from 1955 returns as an electric car for short distances. After successful approval, soon the first vehicles will roll off the line. In Germany, the company Artega from Delbrück in North Rhine-Westphalia enters.

Photo of the electric car

The Microlino accelerates from 0 to 50 kilometers per hour in 5 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 90 kilometers per hour.

Photo: Micro Mobility Systems AG

As reported by, the Swiss inventor Wim Ouboter is planning (more…)

From January 8 to 11, 2019, visitors to the Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2019 for short, will be able to view the Bosch e-Shuttle , It should carry passengers autonomously, ie without a driver. The Group not only develops the components, but also the associated digital mobility services.

Illustration of the shuttle concept vehicle

Bosch’s driverless shuttle concept car celebrates its world premiere at the CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

Photo: Bosch

According to a study by the United Nations, 20% of (more…)