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Scientists at the TU Darmstadt have developed a new method for detecting changes to bridge profiles. It works without touching it, just with laser scanners.

Profile scanners as part of a load test on a historic masonry bridge.Photo: Florian Schill

Profile scanners as part of a load test on a historic masonry bridge.

Photo: Florian Schill

Engineering structures such as bridges are exposed to high loads. In addition to the aging processes of the material, environmental influences and an increased traffic volume are added. Regular checks of (more…)

The tunneling project of superlatives was originally scheduled to start at the beginning of 2019. Due to the necessary cost savings and the departure of the shipping company Hurtigruten, it is likely that the project will now be scaled down. The planned start of construction will also be postponed to 2022.

Norway's tunnel construction project for ocean-going vessels is delayed

Even the largest cruise liners of the Hurtigruten line will be able to sail the new ship tunnel in Norway. The city’s skipunnel will be the largest ship tunnel in (more…)

As the number of buildings increases, the demands placed on lift technology, which push people and loads to ever-increasing heights, pose challenges for engineers. Because longer elevator shafts and corresponding pitches are also on the wish list of the builders as demands on high speeds and passenger comfort. A challenge that civil engineers worldwide are working on.

Lifts on the outside of a Giga skyscraper


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Growing nitrogen oxide emissions are a health problem in large cities. The main causes are u.a. Diesel vehicles identified. Driving restrictions for older vehicles are therefore threatened in some cities. But now Erlus AG has unveiled a titanium-coated roof tile that actively removes nitric oxide.

View over the rooftops of Munich

In cities like Munich, roofs could be successively covered with roof tiles,


Erlus AG has a procedure at the recently ended (more…)

Researchers from the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (Empa) have developed a refractory insulating material from waste paper together with an industrial partner. It is suitable, for example, for wooden construction elements in wooden houses.

You can see an insulation cube from waste paper

After the recovered paper insulation has been injected by machine, it will become dimensionally stable within seconds.

Photo: Empa

Empa scientists have developed an insulating material (more…)

At the “Digital Village”, start-ups presented digital solutions for the construction industry at BAU 2019 in Munich. Of the numerous applicants, 18 young companies were allowed to move into the digital village. presents some interesting start-ups.

Selected founders and start-ups had the opportunity for the first time at BAU 2019 to introduce new and innovative developments for the construction industry. Photo:

Selected founders and start-ups had the opportunity for the first time at BAU 2019 to introduce new and innovative developments for the construction industry.


With (more…)

This evening, civil engineers will be honored for special projects in Stuttgart.

Tower in winter landscape

The winner of the German engineering prize 2018 is the Thysenkrupp test tower in Rottweil, which was designed and implemented by the engineering office Werner Sobek from Stuttgart.

Photo: Detlef Berndt, Zimmern

View into the elevator shaft

Thyssenkrupp is testing new high-speed elevators with the tower.

Photo: Christian Marquart, Stuttgart

View into the light-flooded warehouse

The Salzlagerhalle Geislingen receives (more…)

Scientists at the Institute for Integrated Production Hannover (IPH) are developing a software demonstrator to coordinate transport systems and the layout of a new factory.

Forklift in almost empty hall

Spending too much space costs money, as well as adjusting a plan. A new software should help to consider transport systems when designing a factory.

Photo: maxxyustas / panthermedia

If you want to plan an efficient factory, you have to consider many aspects, for example space for (more…)

Raw materials such as sand and gravel provide the basis for concrete. And they are getting short of the ongoing construction boom. Researchers from four Fraunhofer Institutes want to address the shortage with recycling.

Recycled rubble block

The research group produced mainly aerated concrete. In the foreground, a variant made of sand-lime brick, behind a brick.

Photo: Fraunhofer IBP

Around 40 billion tons of sand and gravel are used every year worldwide. They are the basis (more…)

Halftime construction of the Brenner Base Tunnel: Since 2008, Austrians and Italians have been drilling through the Brenner Pass, the longest underground rail link at 64 km to build the world. Ten years after the start of construction, the largest construction lot has now been awarded – for 37 km main tunnel tube. A huge job. In 2028, the gigantic Alpine tunnel is to be completed. The cost: almost 10 billion.

Halftime: the world's longest railway tunnel under the Brenner Pass

Drilling head of the tunnel boring machine in the Brenner (more…)