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Researchers at Fraunhofer IOSB have developed a new vehicle assistance system to help truck drivers maneuver. A virtual reality goggle no longer gives them a blind spot.

A simulated look from the cab of a truck. The camera shot is superimposed on the driver's perspective. Photograph: Fraunhofer IOSB

A simulated look from the cab of a truck. The camera image overlaps with the driver’s perspective. A car is visible in front of the vehicle as if the truck were transparent.

Photo: Fraunhofer IOSB

Every third accident between a truck and a cyclist happens when turning. Because the blind (more…)

Despite technical and financial difficulties, Elon Musk exudes optimism. The Tesla boss wants to present an electric SUV on March 14th. The Model Y is to use proven technology.

Logo on a charging station of Tesla

charging station of Tesla. The US company has big plans and is now launching a new SUV.

Photo: swisshippo /

Tesla will be debuting his crossover SUV “Model Y” in Los Angeles on March 14th CEO Elon Musk announced via Twitter – coinciding with the International (more…)

An electric race car that communicates with the driver and actively controls its aerodynamics as it drives over a race track that is partially glazed. All this McLaren developers have packed into their vision of electric Formula 1 in 2050.

McLaren's MCLExtrem race car with a drone accompanying him

Photo: McLaren Applied Technologies

McLaren's MCLE Racetrack in 2050

Photo: McLaren Applied Technologies

The McLaren MCLE electric car from above

Photo: McLaren Applied Technologies

If at some point there will only be electric cars, Formula (more…)

The start-up Artisense wants to set a standard for autonomous driving with new software. The founders rely on point clouds instead of photorealistic 3-D images with GPS support.

Illustration on the topic of autonomous driving

Self-driving cars are supposed to be safely protected by 3-D point clouds Driving a city – this is the vision of the startup Artisense.

Photo: / chesky_w

For a car to drive safely and autonomously through a city, many components are required many of which must (more…)

With a catalytic converter, independent aftermarket engineers want to clean up the diesel, but manufacturers are reluctant. That’s the way the story is told. However, the technical details of a hardware update for diesel passenger cars offer a different interpretation.

An exhaust is equipped with a diagnostic probe for exhaust gas measurement in diesel vehicles

The diagnosis may be, that diesel cars emit too much NOx, but the treatment that results is still unclear.


Hardware upgrades may seem off-vehicle as an (more…)

Retrofit technologies, as far as they are based on SCR catalysts, usually rely on the active conversion of urea into ammonia by heating elements. This ensures that nitrogen oxides can be cracked in all driving situations.

The Baumot Group's ammonia generator is one of the retrofit solutions for diesel cars

How the ammonia generator works: The blue arrow symbolizes Urea. The black a partial flow of the exhaust gas, which is used to heat the generator. The heating current flows in via the connection on the right side. The red arrow stands for a mixture (more…)

Originally the Aachen-based company e.Go Mobile wanted to deliver its electric car e.Go Life in 2018. But the start shifts into the year 2019: a surprising consequence of the diesel scandal.

Different e.Go-Life models can be seen side by side.

The delivery of the e.Go Life will be significantly delayed. Anyone who has already pre-booked, can expect the electric car between April and September 2019.

Photo: e.Go Mobile

As reported by, industry insiders still expect a breakthrough in 2018 in electromobility. (more…)

Promobot, a human-like robot from the Russian company of the same name, was hit by a self-driving Tesla on the exhibition grounds and badly damaged. But the CES 2019 also has other curiosities and new technologies in the area of ​​autonomous driving ready.

A promo lot like this one was turned over on Sunday evening at the CES exhibition center - by an autonomous vehicle. Source: Promobot

A promo-bot like this one was knocked over at the CES fairground on Sunday evening – by an autonomous vehicle.

Photo: Promobot

The incident occurred during the construction of the Consumer Electronics (more…)

Self-propelled vehicles must be precisely locatable at all times so that they move safely in traffic. Bosch has now developed its own motion and position sensor for this purpose.

Illustration of the self-driving car

The car recognizes the road and its surroundings, while corrected satellite data precisely determine its position and sensors Capturing vehicle motion.

Photo: Bosch

Delayed reactions, inattention, misjudgements – all this does not happen with a well-programmed computer. Theoretically (more…)

Hankook has attracted a great deal of attention at the Essen Motorshow 2018 with two new concept tires. But what can the two models do?

Messe Essen GmbH, Messeplatz 1, 45001 Essen, Germany

Photo: MESSE ESSEN GmbH / Rainer Schimm

The tire manufacturer Hankook has made a name for itself as a premium brand over the years and is one of the most well-known original equipment manufacturers in the world. At the Essen Motor Show 2018, the manufacturer presented its new concept tires for the first time, including a model (more…)