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Airbus has presented its flight taxi with a large media casserole. In a few months, it will take off from a test site at the neighboring airport in Manching.

Animation Aircraft drone over a city

That’s what the future might look like. The animation shows an air taxi over a big city.

Photo: Italdesign / Airbus

Airbus is currently making headlines. Just a few weeks ago, the company had announced that it would stop production of the giant A380 aircraft. The demand was just not big enough. (more…)

The US company Boeing has for the first time tested the prototype of an autonomous air taxi. The Passenger Air Vehicle – PAV for short – started on Tuesday in Manassas in the US state of Virginia, flown a piece and landed again.

Boeing's autonomous Passenger Air Vehicle has 8 propellers powered by electric motors. Photo: Boeing

Boeing’s autonomous Passenger Air Vehicle has 8 propellers powered by electric motors

Photo: Boeing

Next, the Boeing engineers want to test the autonomous flight taxi’s transition from vertical take to forward flight. From the (more…)

The electric drive is designed to make air traffic cleaner – without compromising on passenger numbers or speeds. Until then, it is still a long way, but Rolls Royce has already taken off with their latest e-aviator. Around 480 km / h, the electric aircraft Accel should be fast. Only with the passengers it is still such a thing.

Model image of the aircraft ACCEL

The electric aircraft developed by Rolls Royce in the Accel project is to reach a speed of 480 km / h

Photo: Rolls Royce

Worldwide (more…)

Instead of a deafening double bang, one could only hear a soft knock when this Whisper Jet breaks through the sound barrier. Lockheed Martin has started production of a super fast and super flyer on behalf of Nasa. And thus opened a new chapter for passenger aircraft in the supersonic range. In 2021, the first test flights could begin over residential areas.

Supersonic jet in front of a hangar

Lockheed Martins daughter Skunk Works has begun to build a civil supersonic jet. Above all, the long tip should (more…)

A propulsion system that seemed only suitable for space operations has now been deployed on Earth for the first time. He makes an ultralight aircraft take off and make a 60-meter set.

Prototype of the tester

This is the look of the aircraft used by the MIT engineers to test their ion propulsion.

Photo: MIT Electric Aircraft Initiative

The world’s first aircraft to do without moving parts was developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, (more…)

Scientists at the University of Zurich have developed a foldable drone that can fold their 4 propeller arms during the flight. The drone is suitable for rescue missions after natural disasters. It can be so small that it fits through narrow gaps and holes and can thus support rescue teams.

You can see several drones flying through a hole in the wall.

The newly developed drone can fold in its propeller arms during the flight. So she can fly through narrow cracks or smaller holes that were previously not passable.

Photo: (more…)

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a new technique to control aeronautical drones without GPS through forested areas. The drones are oriented to the trees.

Laser drone on-board drone

This drone has a special navigation capability. It does not find its way by GPS, but with the LIDAR laser measuring system.

Photo: Melanie Gonick / Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Drones are also flown outside the pilot’s field of vision in professional use. (more…)

The coordination center needs a good overview of the scene of the accident in order to coordinate the rescue operations. Researchers at the Technical University of Munich have developed a drone that provides the emergency services with real-time images via a secure satellite link. In the future she should even work independently.

Muticopter flies over a fire

The drone developed by researchers at the Technical University of Munich can be controlled from the control center. In the future she should (more…)

The American space company Stratolaunch Systems has built the world’s largest aircraft with the Stratolaunch. The six-engine double-winged aircraft with a wingspan of 117 meters will serve as a flying missile launch pad. Now Stratolaunch has announced its three planned self-made rockets and announced a test flight for this year.

Stratolaunch wants to send rockets into space from a huge plane

On the runway in California: The Stratolaunch has two hulls and is being blown up by six engines.

Photo: Stratolaunch

Stratolaunch wants to send rockets into space from huge aircraft


Facebook once set the tone in the big competition for the Internet for all. But now the company announces the end of the solar drone Aquila – despite a successful maiden flight.

Aquila drone Aquila over Arizona

Aquila reached in their test flight a maximum altitude of 650 meters and surpassed it the expectations of the developers.

Photo: Facebook

It all started four years ago. Facebook announced the development of a solar drone that would bring Internet to the most remote regions of (more…)