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Researchers at ETH Zurich, together with industrial partners, have implemented an ambitious project and put digital building techniques into practice. Your DFAB House will be opened now.

The DFAB House looks futuristic. Today it is no longer recognizable that it was created in a very special way - primarily through digital belly techniques. Photo: Empa Pictures

The DFAB House looks futuristic. Today, it is no longer recognizable that it was created in a very special way – primarily through digital techniques.

Photo: Empa Pictures

Digital technologies could make building more sustainable and efficient , These are good prospects (more…)

The Dune Art Museum has recently opened in Qinhuangdao, China. The museum, embedded in a huge sand dune, houses a total of ten interconnected galleries and a café. First visitors are enthusiastic about the museum, its structure and its unique design. We present the architectural work of art in detail.

View of the Museum Entrance

The Dune Art Museum is part of the dune landscape of Qinhuangdao Province in northern China.

Photo: UCCA

View from the museum to the beach

It not only blends harmoniously into the (more…)

The winner this year was the architect who was best able to cast functionality into an aesthetically pleasing shape.

They are in China, Lebanon, Mexico, Singapore and Thailand – this year’s finalists of the International High-Rise Award. Out of 36 (more…)

The idea sounds crazy: The renowned architecture firm Bates Smart has proposed to build a large stadium above the railway tracks of Sydney Central Station. Parking would be superfluous, the connection to buses and trains optimal. And you would save a lot of space.

Sydney train station from above

Sydney Central Station today: The Bates Smart architecture firm is proposing a new sports stadium directly across the huge area of ​​the tracks

Photo: Bates Smart

Sydney from above

This is how the Bates (more…)

They shape the image of every modern city skyscraper. The gigantic buildings, which lead architects and engineers to the limits of architecture, are awe-struck. Landmarks of this size are immortalized not just for souvenirs, but in the pop culture of entire continents.

Illustration of skyscrapers in Saudi Arabia

Skyscrapers are a sign in some parts of the world for power and economic strength. Here is an illustration of the skyscrapers in Saudi Arabia.


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In fact, bridges connect two banks or two mountains. But nowadays hanging rope bridges are above all attractions. The newest record bridge hangs in the Harz: the longest suspension rope bridge in Germany is 458 m long over the small river Rappbode. It is even longer than the spectacular bridge over the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in China.

Germany's longest suspension bridge in the Harz

The Titan RT suspension bridge in the Harz mountains hangs 458.5 meters free floating over the river Rappbode.

Photo: Harzdrenalin (more…)

French architects want to build a transparent dome in the middle of the forest on 15,000 square meters. A home for tropical animals and plants, which even has something in common with the stadium of FC Bayern Munich. One of the largest tropical houses in the world – but smaller than the tropical zoo of the Leipzig zoo.

Tropicalia: One of the world's largest tropical houses is being built in northern France

Like a gentle hill ” Tropicalia “blend harmoniously into the landscape near Calais in Northern France.

Photo: CAAU Architects

Tropicalia: One of the largest tropical houses in the world is being built in northern France

The (more…)

Metals, concrete, building rubble, cables, old carpets: after the demolition of an office building, tons of material ends up in the garbage. Anything but sustainable, HPP Architekten is convinced. The planners from Dusseldorf have therefore come up with an alternative: The Cradle – a recycling office building with a removable wooden facade.

The Cradle in Düsseldorf's Medienhafen: The recyclable eco-office building is to be ready for occupancy by 2021.

The Cradle in Düsseldorf’s Medienhafen: In 2021, the recyclable eco-office building should be ready for occupancy.

Photo: (more…)

Gazprom breaks another record: the largest gas company in the world is building the largest skyscraper in Europe together with German engineers – the Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg.

No skyscraper in Europe is bigger: the 468-meter-high Lakhta Center is being built in St. Petersburg.

There’s no taller skyscraper in Europe: the 462-meter-high Lakhta Center is being built in St. Petersburg.

Photo: Lakhta Center

Are you free from giddiness? Then on to Russia, to St. Petersburg, in the district Lakhta. The Russian energy company Gazprom is completing its (more…)

Every two years, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) honors groundbreaking design and architectural achievements. We show you this year’s nominees.

The most impressive buildings in the world

In Istanbul, the architects of the Tabanlioglu office have redesigned one of the oldest libraries. The Bayazit State Library was once part of a mosque as well as a warehouse. With plenty of glass and a new roof construction in the courtyard, the architects have managed to give the venerable building a modern (more…)